The mission of the North Berrien Historical Society is to preserve and distribute information regarding the history of the North Berrien County. Our staff is available by appointment to pull information from the archives. Research or reproduction fees may apply.

Archival Collections:                                   
Watervliet Paper Mill                                  
North Berrien Schools                                
Watervliet Record newspaper                      
Self Culture Club                                       
40 Year Club                                              
Literary Guild
Paw Paw Lake Resorts
Coloma Theatre                                                                                                                         Monte Package Co.
North Berrien Historical Society

Photographic Collections:                              
Downtown Coloma
Downtown Watervliet
Paw Paw Lake
North Berrien Rural Schools
Watervliet Paper Mill

Historic copies of the Coloma Courier and Watervliet Record newspapers are searchable online courtesy of the Coloma Public Library, the Watervliet District Library, and the Tri-City Record. Other newspapers relevant to the North Berrien area are available at the St. Joseph and Benton Harbor Public Libraries. 

The North Berrien Historical Society does not retain government or genealogical records. For county records, please contact the Berrien County Historical Association. For genealogical resources in Southwest Michigan please contact the Van Buren District Library in Decatur, MI. The State of Michigan Archives for West Michigan is located at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI.