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The History of Blossomtime

As early as 1891 local area business interests took a proactive role in attracting visitors to SW Michigan with their promotion in the Chicago market. With the Graham and Morton Steamship Company offering special rates, hundreds of visitors made the lake crossing by boat to enjoy the orchard tours. Influenced by a growing agricultural industry, in 1906 Rev. W. J. Cady of the First Congregational Church in Benton Harbor was the first to urge his parishioners to drive through the orchards and view the fruit blossoms. Cady termed them “symbols of life renewed” and his sermon is credited with the birth of the Blossomtime Festival.

The Blossomtime Festival, is the oldest and largest multi-community Festival in the state of Michigan. Anna Abdelnour, President of Blossomtime Festival Inc. will share how this springtime tradition got its start! Questions about the program? Call us at (269) 468-3330 or email us at