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Voyageur Life! Spring Break Activity Day

During the local schools’ spring break, the North Berrien Historical Museum will host a free kids activity day focusing on the voyageurs of the fur trade. 

Rewind the clocks 300 years and step into the profitable age of the fur trade! Learn about the impressive voyageurs who braved the Great Lakes waterways to deliver trade goods to the trading posts and transport the animal furs back to Montreal! 

Experience voyageur life hands on by getting in a replica voyageur canoe, grabbing a paddle and setting off on an interactive, imaginary journey led by Sarett Naturalist Rob Pearce. Other activities include: signing a contract with a fur company (using a quill of course!), using maps to find the route to the trading post and back, tasting voyageur foods, and more!

Designed for ages 6-12. Families are also welcome! For questions, contact the museum at (269) 468-3330 or by email at

Photo: “Shooting the Rapids” by Robert Hughes Perrizo;