50 Years of Making History with the North Berrien Historical Society

  • North Berrien Historical Museum 300 Coloma Avenue Coloma, MI, 49038 United States

On July 29, 1966, a group of like-minded citizens held the very first meeting of the North Berrien Historical Society. They shared stories, photographs and artifacts in a mission to preserve their local heritage and history. Over the years, their dedication and collaboration has successfully evolved the society; from the construction of a museum, to the successful passage of funding allowing for growth, and from countless volunteer hours to the hiring of paid professional staff, the society and its mission have grown extensively in 50 years. 

Celebrate with us at this special program on Tuesday, July 19. The museum's collection of scrapbooks and momentos will be on display for viewing. For anyone who has any photographs or memories of their own who would like to participate, we invite you to join us! Refreshments will also be served. 

If you would like to share a photograph or memory of your involvement with the North Berrien Historical Society but cannot make this event, feel free to send us your stories via email at info@northberrienhistory.org or call us at (269) 468-3330, and we will be sure to share them that evening!